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It all began with Paintbox Deluxe, a creation that doubles as an exotic color chart. It is a sensuous selection of uncommon colors, a technique that expresses their uniqueness, and a juxtaposition that lets them vividly interact. Meanwhile, the spectrum of applied techniques ranges from sprayed automotive paint to flocked textile fibers, from serigraphy to photographically generated colors. Each new edition is devoted to a different theme and thus projects another cosmos of color. What all works have in common is that colors can seduce us with their charm, evoke joy, and at times be quite disturbing. (Marco Ganz, November 2020).

Color Beauty Case (2012)

Publisher: Edition VFO Zürich.

Plexiglass wall object with historic pigments.
Format 62 x 43 x 3 cm. Edition: 15.

A stately showcase that safeguards a palette of exclusive pigments from bygone times. The painted, multi-layer color swatches resemble three-dimensional bodies that appear to float. Even the individual textures of the pigments – applied up to twenty times to achieve the highest possible saturation – are visible behind the plexiglass.

Colors: Pinkcolour, Lapis Lazuli, Schweinfurtergrün, Irgazin Rubin, British Racing Green, Bleu Guimet, Aureolin, Epidot, Ägyptischgrün, Han-Purpur, Zinnober, Alizarinviolett, Neapelgelb Citron, Kupferblau.

©2012 ProLitteris.

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Placebo (2020)

Publisher: Wolfsberg Verlag, Zürich.

Five different block prints on Rives laid paper, each with two colors.

Lacquered wood frame, museum glass. Format 82 x 77 cm. Edition: 5 + 1 AP.

Placebo I to V are the names of five block prints based on a particularly compact and effective "Interaction of Color“. Their prominence relies on the combination and the contrast of unusual hues that keep each other in check. To maximize the intensity of the color effect, the vibrant motif was implemented as a block print with a CNC-milled plexiglass forme.

Placebo I (Cayenne, Lilac), Placebo II (Heaven, Flesh), Placebo III (Purple, Curcuma), Placebo IV (Evergreen, Pink), Placebo V (Cobalt, Verdigris).

©2020 ProLitteris

Color Therapy (2017)

Publisher: Galerie Bernard Jordan.

Epson Ultrachrome inkjet print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth paper, mounted on an aluminum panel.

Lacquered wood frame, museum glass.
Format 90 x 112 cm. Edition: 16 + 3 AP.

It takes a bit of irony to name a work of art Color Therapy. This designation has been associated with countless esoteric approaches that ascribe wondrous healing forces to colors. That is what inspired this large-format Color Therapy. It radiates constant warmth but also generates a vacuum of irritating attraction. A maelstrom of pastel colors with hallucinogenic effects.

© 2017 ProLitteris

Metamorphosis (2017)

Publisher: Wolfsberg Verlag, Zürich.

Lithograph (Iris print), mounted on an aluminum panel.

Lacquered wood frame, museum glass.
Format 90 x 112 cm. Edition: 21.

On a poetic journey through a cosmos full of exotic blended colors, our eye follows the trail of a specially conceived iris gradation. It meanders along a serpentine line that interconnects and blends eight pure, nearly complementary colors. This lithograph highlights colorways reminiscent of natural processes, with strikingly ambivalent hues that discolor almost imperceptibly yet steadily.

©2017 ProLitteris

Ishihara (2016)

Publisher: Wolfsberg Verlag, Zürich.

Thirteen-color lithography (twelve identical color spots in Mars Violet plus twelve different color gradations).

Lacquered wood frame, Museum glass.
Format 80 x 80 cm. Edition: 21.

People like to believe that they can see colors as they actually are. But color perception is relative and can easily be influenced. Sometimes, it even creates illusions: unusual color stimuli can overwhelm our experienced perceptive apparatus to such a degree that we see colors which are not there. A homage to Shinobu Ishihara and his famous color vision deficiency tests.

©2016 ProLitteris.

Inkjet (2014)

Publisher: Edition VFO Zürich.

Epson Ultrachrome inkjet printout on Hahnemühle Photorag paper. Framed.
Format 252 x 30 x 3 cm. Edition: 21.

A javelin-shaped spectral band that literally appears to be in flight. Contrary to the wavelength progression of sunlight, Inkjet shows a subtly gradated composition with a warm and a cold half. The kinetic effect is amplified with a dynamic silhouette that seemingly even penetrates into the invisible spectra.

Colors: The names of the inks that made the ultrafine color gradations possible are Yellow, Orange, Vivid Magenta, Vivid Light Magenta, Cyan, Light Cyan, Green and Black.

©2014 ProLitteris.

Cibachrome (2015)

Publisher: Edition VFO Zürich.

Cibachrome Print on Dibond, black plexiglass frame, museum glass.
Format 48 x 33 x 5 cm. Edition: 20.

Cibachrome photo paper has always been unique. The bankruptcy of the last manufacturer ushered in the demise not only of the legendary mirror gloss of Cibachrome but also of a radiant technicolor-style palette with spectacular red hues. This edition preserves the colors with a composition of fifteen filters through which the positive stock was directly exposed.

Colors: Congo Blue, Jade, Scarlet, Virgin Blue, Spring Yellow, Oklahoma Yellow, Vanity Fair, Bray Blue, Lagoon Blue, Primary Red, Bastard Pink, Scuba Blue, Lime Green, Chrysalis Pink, Tokio Blue (original LEE Filters nomenclature).

©2015 ProLitteris.

Circus (2013)

Publisher: Galerie Bernard Jordan.

Flocked rounds, embedded in a plexiglass panel.
Diameter 64 cm, depth 4 cm. Edition: 18 + 3 AP.

Circus presents twelve shades of exceptional luminosity and radiance. The textile color swatches are evocative of the realm of haute couture. Highly concentrated dyes and a coating with extended-fiber polyamide flock produce a literally surreal purple, an abysmal black, and a very coquettish geranium red.

Colors: Rouge de Chine, Bordeaux, Jacaranda, Turquoise Green, Geranium Shock, Bleu de Zurich, Sunset, Deep Purple, Noir Absolu, Verde Pappagallo, Azalea, Verde Spettrale.

©2013 ProLitteris.

Car Color Culture (2013)

Publisher: Galerie Bernard Jordan.

Sheet steel shapes, sprayed with historic automotive paints, on satin-finished plexiglass.
Format 137 x 70 x 3 cm. Edition: 12 + 3 AP.

Whether suavely understated, conceited, or sugary sweet: the body color options available to car buyers during the past one hundred years trace a unique timeline in cultural history. Automotive colors epitomize marques, characterize the car owners, and reflect national predilections or even the underlying sentiment in bygone epochs.

Colors: Caribbean Turquoise, Bleu Aurelia, Plum Crazy, Heather, Lofotengrün, Electric Orange Metallic, Capucine, Ikonengold, Bleu Indien Foncé, Mountain Laurel, Honolulu Blue Polycromatic, Verde Miura, Celeste, Rolls-Royce Blue, Grigio Ingrid, Volanta Coach Maroon, Rosso Competizione.

©2013 ProLitteris.

Paintbox Deluxe (2009)

Publisher: Edition VFO Zürich.

13-color silkscreen on satin-finished plexiglass. Framed.
Format 92 x 67 cm. Edition: 40.

A sizeable creation with large-format color imprints of immense radiance. The color spots range from highly translucent to opaque and shine with various degrees of gloss. This makes them appear volatile: they push their way forward or shyly melt into the background. A funky creation with psychedelically vibrant moments.

Colors: Delftblau, Indischgelb, Bleu de Céruléum, Rouge Pornographique, Blutrot, Kadmiumorange, Bleu de Cobalt, Rosa, Violetto Cobalto Rossastro, Knospengrün, Zitronenfleisch, Phtalotürkis, Orientgrün.

©2009 ProLitteris.


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Some of these editions are already sold out. For this reason, further works are under development. They will propagate the series but focus on different phenomena, materials, and astonishing hues with surprising effects. Please contact me for further information and also if you wish to be notified when new editions are launched.